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• 7 Months ago



It has been two years and something since he made the best golf ball test in history by mygolfspy and then he did the best golf ball test in Spain by me 😉

During this time he has been researching with first contact with the Ball Lab of mygolfspy, finding differences between the same golf balls in different boxes, opening them in half, seeing imperfections and a long etc.

In some of my emails I have talked at length about the Ball Lab.

Well, a few days ago I released the last Review on Golf Balls 2021.

It has so much information and of such good quality that I have decided to tell it in several parts.

Today’s email is the Introduction to What’s to Come.

To put you a little in background tell you how the comparison has been made.

Important data.

1.- 4,500 shots with a robot,

2.- 37 different ball models.

3.- The test was carried out on three different speeds of stick, both in driver and in iron 8 (high, medium and low)

4.- All the material that was used, that is, the clubs that the robot had were of the PXG brand, since where the test was done was in Scottsdale National Golf Club where PXG, has located its headquarters.

In the case of the Drivers all material of the GEN4 of the brand.

5.- Two radars to make the measurements, a Trackman and a Foresight.

Tomorrow will be the second chapter of the Guide, where I will talk about the key facts so that when you hear certain statements again, you turn around, raise your voice and say:


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