A great fun competition which everyone can enter.

Everyone will have an opinion on who is going to win.

Will it see the world number one triumph over the reigning champion?

 What do you think?

Once again this year Campbell is offering you the opportunity of backing your forecasts with a notional 100 points.

This is all you have to do –

  • Select four players who you think will finish in the top five.
  • Place a portion of your 100 points on each one – with no more than 50 points being placed on any single player.
  • Send your entry to info@clgolf.es to arrive no later than 9.00 on the first day of the event.
  • Then just prior to the first tee shot on the first day, Campbell will record the betting odds offered by Wm Hill.
  • When the competition is concluded the wagers you have made will be multiplied by the odds for the top five golfers and a result matrix will be produced on the Web site and FaceBook page, showing where you are on the leader-board.
  • Do it again for the next three majors.

Here is an example –

Rory McIlroy 30pts
Tiger Woods 30pts
Phil Mickelson 20pts
Ian Poulter 20pts

When the last of the Majors is finished the punter with the highest cumulative winning points will win a round of golf at La Sella with Campbell Lamont followed by lunch in the clubhouse.