Founded several years ago by Don Manolo Garay, retired Director Costa Blanca News, the Costa Blanca League (North) has gone from strength to strength and now, due to that success, has two competitive Divisions with a relegation and promotion format.   The CB League is run by a governing body which includes a Matchplay Secretary and General Committee consisting of representatives from the participating Societies.

The CB League is very well organised using various courses throughout the Comunidad Valenciana. Due to the number of matches that now have to be played the League meets every  month throughout the season. Although being a competitive day it is also a great social event when members of all societies can come together to talk about the trials and tribulations of playing the wonderful game of golf.

Costa Blanca Golf League

Division 1Division 2

Division 1 - 27 March 2015


1CHAMPIONS:  CL Golf352221146
2Golf Relieu352121244
3Orba Warblers351921440
6El Patio351322028
7Costa Blanca351232027
8Green 19351122224

Division 2 - 27 March 2015


1CHAMPIONS:  SAS351771141
2White Coast351821538
3Don Cayo351821538
4Marina Alta351731537
5CL Golf La Sella351651437
6Montgo 2351541634
8Peer Gynt 35 952123