YOU may like your clubs but do they really suit you? Do they fit… perfectly?

The chances are they don’t. You bought them because they felt good after hitting a few shots. Perhaps it was the colour which took your eye. Many buy clubs on the internet without even trying them!

Don’t worry if this ‘pot luck’ approach rings true with you. A large percentage of amateur players spend several hundreds of euros on new equipment without thinking twice about the ‘fit’.

But Ray Palaganas wants to change that view and has set up a specialist business in an area of golf to which few can dedicate the whole of their time.

CLUBMAKERHaving qualified as a member of the Clubmaking Golf Association, Ray now has the equipment, and the ability, to provide a full service of repairs and club fitting.

He says: “The course run by Golfsmith in the UK is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, of its kind. It provides you with a tremendous amount of knowledge about clubs, how to repair them and how to tailor-make sets for individuals.

“I know that many club professionals are offering club repairs and re-grips as part of their service, but often their time is tied up with lessons and they are unable to offer a quick turnaround.”

Having stocked his workshop with equipment including machines to measure club head speed, ball speed, swing tempo, launch angle, and loft and lie he is able to apply to golf clubs the service you would expect when buying made to measure clothes.

“When buying a new suit, how would you know exactly what is the ‘perfect fit’ without first providing your measurements? It should be the same with golf clubs. We are all different and surely, owning a set which ‘fits’ will be a big step towards improving your game.”

Spending an hour with Ray and being tested on the various aspects of your swing gives him all the information needed to find the correct shafts, loft and lie to suit you.

Working with Golfsmith, Ray can also provide clubs from a variety of top manufacturers.

“I can also tailor a player’s existing clubs to suit them. Forged clubs especially are prone to a change in loft the more they are used on driving range mats.

“Hitting off grass does not affect them but constant striking off mats will gradually increase the loft from the original specification.

“I recently had a client with a set of forged clubs less than four years old and the loft on some of the clubs had changed between one and two degrees. This reduced the club’s performance and their consistency.

“Ideally, it’s best to have clubs checked once a year.”

When recent organisational changes were made at Oliva Nova, where previously he worked in ‘The Outlet’ – a shop adjacent to the car park – Ray decided he needed to change, too.

Proudly displaying the diploma he received after successfully completing Golfsmith’s clubmakers training course, he adds: “I’ve previously carried out re-gripping and minor club repairs but now the course has given me a vast knowledge of a side of golf I find fascinating.”

 Contact Ray on 691076177 or email