An Unforgettable Day!

The Burns Day was an unforgettable day held at Oliva Nova Golf.

The Sun was shining on the course and the sound of the Bagpipes were bellowing out as a traditional piper started the players in the Texas Scramble Competition.

The Results

Ovarall Winners 

Paul Glennie, Liam Glennie, Lauren Wells, Chris Field – 60.1

Division 1 

Winners: George Whitby, Ian Whitby, Cambis Zadeh, Joe Whitby – 60.2

2nd: Gary Lamont, Nigel Wylie, David Pearson, Thomas Read – 60.3

Division 2

Winners: Mark C Williams, Robert Maxwell, Michael McCarthy, Marcelo Garza Ayala – 60.1

2nd: Myers Logan, Philip McCloy, Henri Eltink, Stuart Boud – 64.4

The supper at Oliva Nova was abundant with speeches and anecdotes about Robert Burns. The flow of Macallan whisky meant that every course was warmly received.

After being welcomed by Chairman John Lamont, the amazing Parade of the Haggis was watched by all, followed by the address to the Haggis given by Michael Anderson.

A poetic tribute was given by Jeff Morrow – Along with acknowledgement of one of Scotlands most famous comedians – Billy Connolly, If It Was’nae For Your Wellies

After the service of the main meal, a musical tribute was sung by Lynne Lamont, with her amazing voice she brought silence to the room.

The Toast to the Lassies was read by Tim and Gordon, packed full of fun and a lot of laughter was heard throughout the Club House.

Finishing the night off with a speech from Campbell Lamont and Carlos Garcia.

Well done to everyone for making the Burns Day a great day and if you missed out then do get your booking in quick for the next competition  The Race to Carnoustie on the 9th of February at Bonalba.