Texas Scramble – February 12th 2017

/Texas Scramble – February 12th 2017

Well done to all the teams who played and we look forward to seeing you all at the next competition.


Overall  Winners ….   55.6 pts

Jeff Morrow, Erroll Heath, Kevin Clifford, Garry Wade

2nd…. 57.2 pts

Ludmilla Simon Schurr, Karla Schwarz, Edith Maria Marti, Dagmar Friedrich

3rd….  58.6 pts

Campbell Lamont, Bonnie Wallace, Ed Wallace, Wayne Robinson

4th ….  63.3 pts

John Bradbury, Christine Bradbury, Robert Maier, Doris Bangert-Strefler



The next event in Campbell’s calendar is on Sunday 26th February at Levante.

As always you can reserve your place by emailing competitions@clgolf.es

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