Well done to all the teams who played and we look forward to seeing you all at the next competition.


Overall  Winners ….   Net 68

Ludmilla Simon Schurr – Karla Schwarz – Gerhard Schuh – Margot Schuh

2nd….  Net 67

Rob Park – Mike Wilson – Keith Badly – Debbie Askew

3rd….  Net 67

Damian Sanchez – Pau Sapena – Alberto Noguera Gutierrez – Juan Antonio Blanco Chicote

4th ….  Net 70

Nils Hopp – Marc Bredamour – Gert Jan Van Voorthuigsen – S Van Voorthuigsen


The next event in Campbell’s calendar is on Thursday 6th October at El Bosque.

As always you can reserve your place by emailing competitions@clgolf.es