Leagues and Fixtures

A league competition, open to all societies, to be played over the period May – September at monthly intervals at selected courses on a Thursday.


Fixtures have been booked at the following venues and at the prices quoted. Members of a particular course will pay their normal fee direct to the club concerned.

Summer League Dates 2016
VenueDateTimeCost (non members)Buggy
Oliva Nova26 May 201612:00hrs40€20€
La Sella23 Jun 201612:20hrs40€20€
Oliva Nova28 Jul 201612:00hrs40€20€
La Sella25 Aug 201612:20hrs40€20€
Oliva Nova22 Sep 201612:00hrs40€20€

The final will take place on 6th October at El Bosque from 11.00h where the winners of Ollie and Seve will go head to head in 18 holes match play.

In the event of a draw the 8 players will go head to head in a penalty putt off. One putt from each player from 3 metres (set out by the organizers). If after the initial putt out the teams are still equal the putt out will become sudden death in the same order of play as the initial putt off …. ad infinitum.


Teams will be drawn from societies that currently have a recognized handicapping system, such as Spanish Federation, HandicapMaster or equivalent. Players can only play for one society during a season.

To help all teams field a team during all months through the summer they can pull players from wherever they want to so no need to be a member of the Club/Society/Organization competing. This may help each society attract new members.

Team Make Up

A Team will consist of 4 players, playing as 2 pairs.

Team selection should be submitted to the organizers no later than the Monday immediately prior to the Thursday match day. Pairings to be identified as Pair 1 and Pair 2. In the interest of maintaining some balance to the matches it is a requirement that the team’s lowest handicap player form half of Pair 1. After a team selection has been submitted, substitutes are accepted in the event of sickness, last minute unavailability or any other valid reason.


There will be no entry fee into the League but players will be responsible for their own green fees and buggies if required. We will play only at La Sella and Oliva Nova this season and the green fee (at both courses) will be 40€ to all players with the buggy being 20€.

Handicaps and Strokes Received

Players may be male or female, within handicap range 0 – 28 including slope/course rating. Players with a higher handicap can play however the max amount of shots with slope will be 28 for any player.

The player with the lowest playing handicap, who must play off scratch, must concede handicap strokes to the other three players based upon 90% of the difference between the playing handicaps.

The maximum amount of shots given to any player in a match will be 18 shots (one shot per hole).

A player must have an active handicap after completing at least 3 games within the previous 12 months with any recognized handicapping authority.

Teams and Format

Twelve teams will be split into 2 leagues:- ‘Ollie League’ and ‘Seve League’. An independent draw will take place prior to the beginning of the season to determine which league each team will play in. A secondary independent draw will then be made to determine opponents at each venue. The format for the competition will be based on the Costa Blanca League with a few small changes.

  • Fourball Betterball Matchplay – Pairs play against each other in a better ball matchplay format. The players forming this pair, each play their own golf ball throughout the round. On each hole, the pair compare scores, and the lower of their two scores, after any strokes received are taken into account (the better ball, in other words) counts as the pair’s score.


Scoring will be as follows per match:

  • When a match is halved 1 point is awarded to each ‘pair’.

  • When a match is decided 2 points will be awarded to the winning ‘pair’.

  • Outstanding holes will then be played using the same format for a further ½ point. eg A match is decided after completing the 15th hole and the result is 4 & 3 to ‘pair A’ …. (‘pair A’ has secured 2 points) … the remaining 3 holes are then played as a secondary match for ½ point. If ‘pair A’ also win this secondary match their cumulative match score is 2 ½ points. Should ‘pair B’ win, their match score is ½ point. If this secondary match is halved no additional points are awarded.

League positions will be decided on total number of points won.

At the season end and in the event of any ties, teams will be separated by the following criteria in the order of :-

  1. 1. The result of the match between them.

  2. 2. The number of whole points won without the ½ point extras.

  3. 3. The aggregate of handicaps of players having taken part throughout the season … lowest win.


Campbell Lamont Golf will sponsor prizes for the winners of each Group. At the play-off final the Group winners will play for the Summer League Trophy. Campbell will provide prizes for the winning society to sponsor a society day of their choice.