What’s It All About?

The key feature of the new TaylorMade MG 2 Wedge is the raw-finish face, which feels rough to touch and is designed to add friction as the ball hits the face, optimising spin and producing a more consistent, stable flight.

The Review

The raw face on MG 2 feels almost like sandpaper when you touch it and is protected by a seam-sealed sticker when you first get it. This helps to protect the face from rusting before you actually start to use it. As soon as it becomes exposed it starts to oxidise and rust. It’s really quite a cool feature, it gives you that extra sense of confidence, knowing that you want it to rust, however it’s just the face of the club that will be affected. This means that you still have a stunning looking club when it’s in the bag. It doesn’t look out of place, or taint the top of your bag with rust marks.

As you address the ball, the club almost helps you frame your shot perfectly, due to the clean edges of the finish. These wedges will give you the confidence to chip the ball all the way to the pin, even when positioned at the back of the green, safe in the knowledge that it would stop up quickly providing the strike was good.
TaylorMade claim to have designed these new wedges with direct help from Tiger Woods himself. This isn’t particularly a bad thing as it means that you’re getting a high quality product that looks and feels good.

The feel of the wedges are probably one of the best aspects, as you get a nice amount of feedback off the face with a good, crisp sound as you clip them away. If you’re a good golfer who is confident with their wedges and wants to get some seriously impressive spin rates, then TaylorMade’s MG 2 could be for you. As always, ensure that you are fitted properly to your own specifications and you should see the benefit.

Priced at only €149 and available from 48° to 60° it is definitely a top contender for one of the best wedges on the market.