TRACKMAN 4 Dual radar technology for the most comprehensive feedback.

TrackManCampbell Lamont is delighted to introduce TRACKMAN 4 now available at the Ondara Golf Store.
This is the very latest technology from this leading manufacturer.

With Trackman4 you will receive the very best feedback on your golf game with dual radar systems, which display both club-head and ball flight data, you get all the information you need to improve your game and to ensure that your investment in new clubs is based on solid information.

* Combine Trackman 4 with a lesson from one of The CLGolf  professionals and you will really see the immediate benefit.

* Take the guesswork out of new club selection.

* Replacing your driver or any other club – use Trackman 4 for 30 minutes free of charge.

* Dual radar systems provides the perfect foundation for analysis and diagnosis and conclusive data is delivered in an easy-to-understand format.

Give Campbell a call to arrange an appointment or just call in to the Golf Store in Ondara. View prices here

If your are ambitious about your golf game you need to enlist the help of the perfect combination, Campbell Lamont and Trackman 4.