Montgo Restaurant

During the Covid situation we are offering an assisted breakfast buffet. Limited opening days for dinner.

Reservations required

Open for breakfast Dress code: No Bathing Suits



La Nao Lounge


Open for lunch and dinner Dress code: Casual



Segaria Thai Fusion Restaurant

Our newly refurbished restaurant has a cozy covered terrace and its romantic patio invites to a relaxing dining experience. Choose from 2 new tasting menus: one authentic and aromatic Thai Menu and the other a Chef’s selection of Fusion dishes from Asia

Reservations required

Open for dinner Dress code: Casual


Club House Hoyo 19

Located in an outstanding spot, at the foot of La Sella golf course. Its specialty is rice-based dishes from the region, but you can also find traditional and contemporary dishes on the menu.

Its sun-kissed terrace with a view of the Green of Hole 9 and the Tee of Hole 1 is quite a show